Wives and girlfriends cheating at a male strip club!

What we have here is CFNM. That means clothed female, nude male. That means stuff that happens in a male strip joint when women are in the audience! That means horny married babes and girls who've left their boyfriends at home.

And you know what all that means!

I thought I'd share a slew of freebie movies with you of the CFNM experience. You'll see that many of these gals wear wedding rings. Maybe your wife has gone to one of these shows. Did she tell you she had a little extra sausage after dinner? I bet she didn't! It's her little secret.

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A pretty blonde babe gets a little over her head at the club! She eagerly licks at the stripper's cock and balls, and even lets him lay her down on the stage floor! Get a load of the stripper dry humping this horny gal! Camera zooms in between her wide open legs where you can see the sides of her pussy peeking out from her thong underwear! HOT!!


Just who do these brazen hussies think they are? They go to a club, drink a little alcohol, then think they can rub oil all over the male entertainment. But that's not all. These two punch-drunk secretaries are thrilled to be so close to a stranger's penis. One's bold and brave, the other shy, but they both cop more than just a feel of the poor guy's schlong.


Ain't no trailer trash here! What we got is a respectable lady who just happens to be drunk, at a private club with her best friends, and kneeling in front of a male stripper. Judging by the lip lock this very married gal puts on the stripper's hard dick, her husband is some lucky dude! She sure can suck!!


"Um, nobody told me I shouldn't suck on it!" How many times do you hear that old excuse?! As if going down on her husband wasn't enough for her, this sauced twenties-something wife thinks it would be fun to get a taste of another man's cock! Will she tell her husband what she did at her friend's bachelorette party? Don't count on it!


This wife was probably too drunk to remember what she did that night, but the video is lasting proof: Wearing her office dress and white pumps, she somehow winds up on stage - flat on her back - with a hung male stripper hovering over her. The woman's legs fly high as he dry humps her to the rhythm of the music. Camera zooms in to show her barely-there thong, and her pretty asshole and pussy lips peeking through!


Old brides or young, many married chicks still want to know what other men's cocks feel like. Here's a busty babe who is more than eager to sample another guy's pre-cum. She can't wait to put a little suction on the stripper's hardening member. Get a room! (Note she wears her ring on her right hand - a custom in some circles in the UK, where many of these clips are made.)


An invitation backstage leads two party-girls to some activity they might not want to admit to their boyfriends! While one of the girls furiously pumps the stripper's cock, the other rubs her nearly-bare pussy against his naked body. If your gal ever goes to one of these shows, check her underwear when she gets home. These babes get so wet they can't help but stain their panties!


Does your old lady come home from a night out with her gal pals with breath that smells like cock - only not yours? Well, she might if she goes to a male stripper club! Girls are allowed to get real close and personal with the talent. They're even allowed to lick and suck - if they want even to completion!


This chubby MILF has had a wee too much to drink! She's at a private club with her office mates, and somehow gets herself on stage with the male stripper. He convinces her to drop her jeans! She's up there, totally bottomless, strutting her mature pussy in front of all her friends! Good gracious me!


Write a caption for this one. How about, "You're right! It DOES taste just like chicken!" Or, "What kind of cream did you say this was again?" Or how about, "Yes my husband gave me this big fat wedding ring, but I like the size of your cock a lot better!"