Christina - Real Hot Wife and BBC Lover

There are hot wives, and then there are REAL hot wives! Christina Noir is a REAL hot wife. She's turned her love for extramarital sex into her own collection of videos. If you like watching real wives in hot interracial action, you'll love Christina!

Here's Christina's collection of videos you can watch right now. I especially like Absolutely Insatiable. It co-stars Christina's friend Rebecca, another BBC hot wife known for her very vocal appreciation for being fucked silly. Laying side by side on the same bed, the two wives get drilled until they're screaming at the top of their lungs.

You may have seen some of these videos on tubes sites, but those were low-quality copies with lots cut out. These are the full, uncut, high resolution originals! Demand the best!!

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Christina Loves Brutus

Gotta figure that a dude named "Brutus" is going to have a big dick. Yep, what's what we got here! Christina Loves Brutus contains a half dozen scenes, a compilation of hubby's favorite sexual encounters between his wife and Brutus, one of her hung black boyfriends.

It also includes a bonus scene of Christina hanging in a love swing, getting pounded by 11" of hard black meat by another boyfriend, Richard. Throughout it all she shrieks with delight as his monster cock hits bottom, massaging her G-spot, rubbing against her rock-hard clitoris, and completely filling her velvety vagina.

There's one super-incredible scene you're bound to love: Christina is taken, bareback of course, in her actual wedding dress. This is a cuckold delight for sure! Christina keeps her white stockings on for the entire pounding. Christina's married pussy gets pummeled in non-stop action, wedding dress hiked up above her waist!

Hot Wife Times - Exposed

Pussy ... the final frontier. These are continuing adventures of real life hot wife, Christina. Her mission: to seek out big cocks; to fuck and suck while her husband watches; to boldly come as many times as she can!

Here's another great feature-length video with genuine hot wife Christina, complete with interracial, one-on-one, anal, and group sex. In Hot Wife Times - Exposed, our pretty brunette gets her pussy and ass worked over by several of her boyfriends. Even her husband joins in for some POV work - he's still allowed to fuck her now and then (I'd be in heaven if I could do it just once a year!). Christina begs for facials (good for the skin, you know) and on several occasions can be seen squirting when she orgasms. Messy but fun!

This just isn't a sex romp. There are some great oral scenes where Christina's BBC lover goes down on her, tasting sweet married nectar. She returns the favor with a lip-smacking blowjob. No acting, just real orgasms by real people.

Absolutely Insatiable

What's better than a wife getting her brains fucked out by a virile black dude? How about two housewives getting their brains fucked out?!

That's exactly what happens in Absolutely Insatiable, the tale of two married hot wives who are allowed by their husbands to have boyfriends on the side. Christina's husband is there to record these two fine ladies as they indulge themselves with a bit of extramarital hanky-panky.

Sharing the fuck-stage with Christina is friend and fellow hot wife Rebecca. She's been known to allow black cock into her married pussy now and then. Rebecca has a penchant for screaming while she's having multiple orgasms. Guess that's what happens when a monster penis strokes deep inside a petite girl for an entire evening.

This video contains several scene sets with the two gals. You'll dig how the girls keep their stockings on (and sometimes even their dress shoes). It's an amazing sight to see their legs fly high into the air, under the influence of hard pounding dick.

Christina Loves Richard

Christina is a married woman whose husband lets her have dates with other men. Hubby is fully supportive of her flings, and is often there with his camcorder to get it on tape. One of her favorite boyfriends is a guy named Richard, who has an 11" (that's right, eleven inch!) cock.

This collection of different date nights shows Christina gorging herself on Richard's hard, black penis. The video is named Christina Loves Richard. One look at her eyes when she's getting fucked by his rod and you know it's the perfect title! There's pure lust, and also some true love, as this brunette with the softest of white skin is driven into one orgasm after another. All thanks to a powerful cock that simply won't stop.

Says Christina's husband, "It wasn't easy picking [the scenes] since Richard has had his 11" black dick in my wife too many times to count, but I'm sure you'll agree that these 5 scenes are among the best. "

Yes, we agree. We also agree Christina is just about the most perfect hot wife there is!

Unleashed Again

Christina is going for size in this collection of homemade hot wife videos called Unleashed Again. She pairs up once more with Richard and his 11" horse cock. There's also John, who "only" measures 10".

Talk about hitting her G-spot! Christina has too many orgasms to count. And, since she's a fair hot wife, Christina is very happy to let her boyfriends have their orgasms deep inside her. Hubby gets it all on tape, for his own entertainment and ours!

For the real hot wife fans out there, be sure to watch as Christina's boyfriend Brutus takes her as she wears the actual wedding dress she wore as she walked down the aisle at church the day she was married. Now that's what I call a loving wife!

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