Dark Secret Cuckolding Wives

Graphic videos of interracial wife play.

The Dark Secret Cuckold series combines fantasy role-play with super-hot action. These vids are all about the interracial cuckolding lifestyle, where white wives find ultimate bliss with black lovers. The husbands are seldom resistant to the idea, at least not for long. In many cases it's the husband's idea to have their wives are taken by strong black lovers.

PLEASE NOTE:  There are lots of Dark Secret sample vids out there, with varying quality. The movies described here are encoded from the hi-res DVD masters available from the Dark Secret Web site. Quality of the videos here is outstanding. The producers license these DVDs for streaming, so you can see them here for a fraction of the regular DVD price.

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Cuckold #23

Hal is married to a blonde gal with huge tits. In fact, she's got curves all over, and is ready to fuck. her husband, Hal, meets up with a slender BBC is more than happy to sink his pole in this lady's mouth and cunt.

With well done performances by wife, husband, and bull, this penis-throbbing video strikes the funny bone, and demonstrates how to to be a husband to a beautiful sex-starved wife!

Cuckold #24

Ask any hotwife what she likes best and she'll tell you, "fucking a big fat BBC!" For this attractive brunette, she's not satisfied with just one rigid black pole, she demands two!

This video features Abby, a vuluptous beauty with round boobs, a bubble but, and a cute smile that taunts her cuck hubby while she screws a pair of well endowed men in front of him.

Several clips feature some terrific split roast action as Abby services her two lovers. Watch as she swallows a massive black cock, while another impales her tendy married pussy.

This one's heavy on the humiliation, with Abby at the end wearing thiuck yellow gloves to pump out whatever pitiful sperm shoots out of her tied and bound husband's little dickie.

Cuckold #13

I have a serious crush on this cuckolding wife: slim bod, B-cup titties, big soulful eyes. She has a wonton desire to fuck black cock, and wants to make a video of it as a keepsake!

The wife, Diane, has been sneaking around her husband's back with a black dude (ack, another cheating wife!). In the first sex segment, Diane and her lover are both bare-ass naked on bed, and she pops his cock in her mouth like it's a piece of candy. He wants some of that velvet wife pussy, and he crams his big dick into her. Her cunt can barely take it, but in a stretch - pun intended - her body expands as needed.

The camera work is quite excellent in this segment (as it is throughout the video), where we see up-close Diane's small pussy taking in the cock of a muscular black man.

In the third segment Diane's husband is present, and at first is not too keen on what he's seeing, which is a massive dick pumping in and out of his petite wife; her pussy lips strain with each stroke, and he can see pink he never knew existed.

But as these things usually turn out, the husband, Zoli, ends up liking what he sees, so much as that hubby goes to the adjoining roomn, unzips his pants, and beats off .

"What's he doing out there?" Diane asks. Lover tells her Zoli is jacking off. "Cool! Let's give him something to listen to."

She goes into high-volume mode, where Zoli can hear every moan, every groan, and every bed spring creak, as his lovely wife gets a jackhammer fucking.

Cuckold #15

Husband and wife Kacey and Rafael are always looking to spice up their sex life. So it should come as no surprise that when Kacey gets the chance to have some black wood, she jumps at the chance. The first time Kacey goes up to the room alone, leaving Rafael in his truck, counting the minutes.

What Rafael doesn't know, but we get to see, is that Kacey is getting the fucking of her life - much better than anything Rafael has ever done. This slender blonde with killer titties slobbers all over her prize. When it comes time to fuck, she gets her bare legs in contortionist positions, her pretty pink toes curling up with each orgasm.

Soon Kacey's accomplished lover can't hold back any more. So with her mouth smoking his pipe, he lets go and empties a half-cup (or so it seems) of his hot jism. Kacey's lover "brands" her with a note in marker: "Black Goes 1st." With the brand, and the mouth full of come, Kacey returns to her waiting husband.

Next time Rafael gets to watch. He's so eager to see how his wife looks when she's fucking he fumbles at his zipper when he takes his pants down so he can jerk off. There isn't a sex position or angle we don't see as Kacey and her lover put on a show Rafael will never forget.

Cuckold #2

Traci plays the role of a wife who is required to repay her husband's gambling debt by offering her mouth, ass, and pussy in exchange for the cash. Her husband makes loud protests, but to no avail. He's pushed out of the way, and it turns out Traci is more than happy to oblige her black kingpin. She gives a blowjob, followed by a hard fuck on the sofa.

But that's not the end of it.
Three black buddies arrive to fuck her cunt, mouth and ass. Yes, she gets double penetrated, ass and pussy - and loves every pounding.

This now-famous cuckolding video ends with Traci getting a load in her pussy, then squatting over her subserviant husband as the cum dribbles onto his face and into his mouth. Okay...if he has to lick it up, he will.

She says, "I loved the fucking I got," and then informs her husband as he licks her well-creamed pussy, that from now on this is the sex life she wants.

Traci is a voluptuous blonde, and very fuckable. You'll enjoy this video as much as Traci and her husband had making it!

Cuckold #3

Hotwife Traci returns for another interracial gangbang adventure. There's no real plot to this one, unless you consider end-to-end fucking a plot! But who cares; it's great to see this excitable babe gobble up 2, 3, even 4 cocks at once. She takes it in every hole.

Tracy hardly gets a rest in this 90 minute flick, going from one cock to another, yet not missing a beat. Of course there are plenty of times she's got more that one cock in her.

According to the producers - and I believe them - "The orgasms you see in this interracial gangbang video are REAL! This black man's whore really is an actual total slut for huge hung black studs! THIS IS NOT ACTING! Condoms? No. Not ever."

After the guys are done, Traci arrives home and finds her husband in bed. She tells him she is full of cum as she sits down on his face.

Cuckold #4

Some hotwives aren't made, they're born. That's the case with Carol, a 21 year-old newlywed who became interested in becoming a cuckolding wife with a black lover when she ran across the producer's web site. She wrote in, got accepted as a model, and made this video.

Cuckold 4 is composed of three segments; each begins with an interview of Carol about how she was attracted to the idea of cuckolding her husband, and how it's now a part their sex lives.

Following each interview is steamy sex, where Carol begins by sucking on her lover's fat dick. It's a tender blowjob, the kind real wives give - not the faked porn movie yank-a-thon.

We see Carol with her black partner, Tony, who is a friend of hers. He is allowed to fuck her bareback, and he always comes inside. Carol's husband is allowed to go down on her after, and he enjoys lapping up dessert from his sweet, tender wife.

Cuckold #5

The producers say this is the true story of a drop-dead gorgeous wife having hot sex while her voyeur husband gets to watch. In fact, hubby made all the arrangements.

The wife's name is Marcie. She's a young blonde with pert tits and a shapely ass. There's no hesitation on her part, and she relishes the hardcore rutting she gets from her black lover.

Marcie's husband, Steven, stays in the room to watch. He's "getting my voyeur's delight, and more," he says, staring at the sight of his wife sucking on a rock-hard piece of black pipe, and seeing it inch its way into her shaved and very tight pussy.

In the final scene, wife and lover lay together, recovering from the hot sex. Lover tells Steven he plans to fuck his hot wife "A lot. At your house. In your bed!" Gee, hope they brigh their video camera!

Cuckold #6

This well-done fantasy reinactment involves hotgirlfriend Megan, who admits to cheating on her boyfriend because she craves black dick. She has no trouble finding takers, and instantly is in the bedroom with a black lover, who starts things rolling by sticking his face in her bottom and licking her pussy.

He then stands up, unbuckles his jeans, then pulls her sun dress over her head. He tells her to suck his dick as he grips her long, dark hair, controlling her sucking.

Megan hasn't told her boyfriend (who's name is Keith, if you're taking notes) what she's up to, or that she has this addiction to sex with potent black men.

Eventually she sees the opportunity in letting her cuckold boyfriend in on her activities. In a follow-up fuck session, Keith comes along, and is made to watch. He's a little unsettled at seeing someone else's cock in his girlfriend's vertile womb, but he's told that this is the way it is. Truth be told, he digs it!

Cuckold #7

And here's Lara, a wife that became a hotwife because her husband didn't pay enough attention to her. Which is hard to imagine, but these things happen!

To cut to the chase, Lara has become interested in an interracial hookup, and agrees to be on camera. This video takes place over a period of about a month, when we first meet this comely lass in a car, crying after a big argument with her husband Jim.

It's nothing a good hard fucking can't cure, and that's what she gets. With the help of an expert woodsman Lara comes multiple times before he dumps his hot seed into her married hole.

At a latter session it appears Jim has been told what's going on, and wants to watch (but he doesn't want to be filmed).

Jim sits on a chair masturbating while his wife sucks on a boner so huge she can hardly get the tip into her mouth.

In the final scene - which may be my favorite in all the Dark Secret Cuckold series, Lara's black lover is pounding her from behind, and she has a continuous stream of pussy pulsing orgasms.

He pulls out and lets the hot semen pool up on the small of her back. Exhausted, she looks over at Jim. "I hope you're paying attention," she laughs, trying to catch her breath between words, "Because we're going to try this when we get home."

Before the scene ends, Lara looks at the camera and thanks the producer for "this wonderful opportunity." No, thank you, Lara!

Cuckold #10

Episode 10 is the story of a cheating housewife named Rhonda. She's having an affair with a hung black stud named Reggie. The story begins with the camera following the two lovebirds around town. They can't keep their hands off one another.

What Rhonda really likes is Reggie's hard cock - in her mouth and in her pussy. Reggie has absolutely no problem with this, and enjoys unloading his nut into another man's wife.

It turns out Rhonda's husband expects something is going on, and when he meets up with Reggie one day, tempers flare. Rhonda tames the situation by explaining it like it is: she fucks Reggie on a regular basis, and intends to continue doing so.

Rhonda then demands her husband shut up as she and her black boytoy make love on the bed. There's some great girl-on-top and missionary fucking. Rhonda decides she'd like to suck off the black dick to completion. At the end, she's talks to her husband with cum still dripping off her chin!

Cuckold #11

Not all cuckold husbands are happy about the situation. That's the case in this video, where wife Alicia and husband Owen are seeing a marriage counselor. We're told Owen cheated on Alicia, and in a lesson of turnabout is fair play, Alicia wants to see what it would be like to be filled by black cock. What better way than to make a video of it, to boot.

Alicia soon gets her wish, and finds herself, hubby, and new black lover in a motel room in order to make this video. Owen just wants it over with, and comes along begrudgingly.

She's not about to let Owne's poor attitude wreck her fun, so she shifts into high gear, determined to enjoy every minute.

She relishes her new-found freedom by giving her black stud a sloppy blowjob. As the liner notes for this video say, it's obvious this horny woman really loves interacial sex.

She wants it all, of course, including the spunk from her lover's cock. Again she gets her wish, as we see her gagging on her lover's hot semen as he cums in her mouth.

Owen slowly warms up, watching intently as his strawberry blonde wife with the bubble-butt is rammed by a hard black cock. Alas, it may take a while longer for Owen to get used to sniffing the cum-soaked washcloths used to clean up the mess Alicia's lover leaves behind.

Cuckold #12

There seems to be an epidemic of cheating wives. As the camera rolls, regular Dark Secret studster Matt sees a woman he knows walking in the park. Matt says her name is Mandy, she's married, they've had sex a couple of times behind her husband's back. The producers sense the perfect opportunity to make a hot video, and they invite Mandy to a hotel room.

Matt and Mindy instantly tear each other's clothes off, and in a matter of frames, she has his cock out and is devouring it. (Do you think these male actors have to get Penis Insurance in case some hungry housewife bites it off?)

Matt fills Mandy's mouth and cunt with his thick cock. He gives her one orgasm after another with his expert fucking, and with each come she announces it with a squeal or a scream - and usually both.

Mandy's a naughty girl at heart, and since the video is going to be put on the Internet anyway, she gets the idea to call her husband Freddie at work while she and Matt are fucking. At first she makes excuses for the sounds of ecstacy that filter through the line.

Before long she has to put the phone down as Matt pounds her from the rear. If clueless Freddie hadn't gotten the idea by now what his unfaithful wife was doing, he does when Mandy's lover announces to him over the phone, ""Hello Freddie, I'm fucking your wife with my big black dick."

It's anyone's guess what happened when Mandy and Freddie got home that night, but you have to wonder if he wasn't a little bit curious about hearing the full story, and maybe checking out her underwear for dried cum stains.

Cuckold #16

We meet Catherine, a horny housewife, and Jack, her husband. Catherine explains that a friend from work, who knew that Catherine's sex life was dull, has suggested she might try a fling with a black man.

With that, the action begins. Jack is treated to his wife getting sloppy and nasty with another man. Catherine's big tits sway as she gets pounded from the rear by her lover. The camera tapes the action from all sides, including from below, where we see Catherine's pussy lips are swollen and her clit is punching through its little hood.

The sex switches from oral, fucking, 69, and back to oral, with Catherine getting one orgasm after another.

She wimpers each time she comes, and there is absolutely no doubt that she's once and for all hooked!

In the next segment an older MILF comes into the room. Catherine immediately recognizes her as the woman from work that recommended she try black dick. She's there to lend encouragement - not that Catherine needs it - and, well, some more holes. Through all of this, Catherine's husband Jack endures watching not one, but two cock-hungry wives satisfy their lusts.

After everyone (but Jack) is spent, and the last bit of cum has been wiped up, Jack sits solemnly and says, "I never expected something like this to happen." Well, we could have told you!

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