He watches as his neighbor's daughter
masturbates in her bedroom

I've lived in the same house for 15 years, and I know all my neighbors. My wife and I bought our home when it was built, and we've seen many changes since.

Our best friends are the family next door. Their names are Ron and Roberta. They moved in 10 years ago with their two children - a son, who has since joined the Army, and a younger daughter, Jilly.

A couple years back Ron mentioned to me that he and his wife are naturists - they go to special camps or beaches and take off all their clothes.

He talked about how liberating and healthy the lifestyle is.

Their group is very selective, he said, but if I were interested, he'd put in a good word.

I was embarrassed at the idea, and immediately turned him down.

But over the months I felt it might be something my wife and I could experiment with. So she and I decided to give it a shot.

We drove to the camp with Ron, Roberta, and Jilly. When we got there, Jilly dashed off to be with friends, while Ron and Roberta showed us around. When it came time to disrobe, I discovered it wasn't difficult, though my wife was (and still is) self-conscious because of her extra weight.

It was a very warm day, the perfect nudist weather. After lunch we sat under umbrellas, chatted, and tried to stay cool.

It was then that Ron and Roberta's daughter Jilly came up with two of her friends to ask her mom permission about a party. Right then I turned three shades of red! Jilly was at the time 16, and as I had known her since she was a girl, seeing her so unexpectedly in her birthday suit was quite a shock!

But, it wasn't long before I got used to everyone's nakedness. Now two years later and many trips to the camp, it's become routine and normal to see Jilly all nude.

That is, until recently. Ron's mother died, leaving him money. He and his wife used it to fix up the house - carpet, refaced kitchen cabinets, and new window blinds. Roberta picked out the blinds, which were a combination of pull down shade, and curtains.

The pull down shade was for privacy, but the curtains were just for looks. They looked normal, but if the room were well-lit at night you could see right through them. At first Jilly didn't know that!

One evening I was in my upstairs office when I noticed the light go in in Jilly's bedroom. I saw her put away her clean clothes, then do a bit of homework at her desk while she watched TV. The shade was half-way down, and the curtains open, to let in the breeze.

I returned to my reading and almost forgot all about Jilly, until I noticed something going through in her window. She had returned from the shower, wearing only a towel around her slender body.

Jilly adjusted the curtains, thinking she was closing them for privacy. But in fact I could see everything - she got on the bed, opened her towel, and applied lotion all over her legs and body!

I turned those three shades of red again! Though Jilly's of-age now, I still felt awkward "spying" on my neighbor's daughter. Sure, I'd seen her nude before, even recently, but this was different. But, As I had none of "those kind" of urges toward her, I figured there could be no harm looking and enjoying- and for free, no less!

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