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This happened a few years ago. My wife and I do bike shows which take us all around the midwest. For a couple of years I had a partner, and we'd set up at different weekend shows and sell accessories for classic Harleys.

Being away from home, we'd stay in the cheapest motels we could find. At first we'd get two rooms, one for me and my wife Donna, and another for my partner, who's name is Ron. But that started to get expensive, so after a while we began to just get one room either with two singles, or one bed and we'd bring in a cot. Ron would sleep on the cot.

At first Donna and Ron didn't get along. Ron was an old friend from high school and he always had these big stories to tell that made Donna mad. It always seemed like Ron was trying to prove that he and I were better friends because we knew each other longer. I met Donna well after school, and she never met any of my old friends other than Ron. I think it was mostly jealousy on her part, and she felt left out. Ron just fanned the flames.

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After about two years of the shows, Ron and Donna started warming up to one another. I guess they got used to each other's company, and that certainly made the trips easier on all of us. But then I noticed they sometimes acted a little too friendly, if you know what I mean. Donna would sometimes sit on Ron's lap in a playful way, or Ron would tickle Donna and she'd squirm to get away.

Maybe I should have been worried, but like a lot of other guys who have written letters for your site, I also had fantasies about seeing Donna with another man. I can't explain it, and I have never said anything about it to anyone, not even Donna. But when she and Ron started to get friendly with one another, I couldn't get the images of them together out of my mind. Just about every night I would masturbate in the bathroom to some swinger magazines I bought. And when Donna and I has sex, I'd imagine I was someone else, and she had her lonmg legs around a new ass, with a new cock was moving in and out of her.

One Memorial Day weekend we went to Kansas City, Missouri, and stayed a cheap motel outside town that we knew from before. It had two twin beds and a selection of softcore adult movies on cable TV. That evening we went out to get a bite to eat, but before we left the restaurant, I had to hit the john. So I went back in while Ron and Donna stayed in our truck. Only when I got back inside the toilet was occupied.

When I came back out, I could see Ron and Donna in the front seat. Ron was giving my wife a deep kiss with a lot of tongue. He has his hands under her shirt (she doesn't wear a bra), and he was feeling her up, moving his fingers around her nipples. I ducked back into the restaurant. My head was spinning! I tought, holy shit, this is it! If they hadn't already started fucking, they would soon. And even though I had a huge lump in my throat at the thought of it, I knew I wanted to see the two making love. I knew I wanted to see my wife suck his cock, and Ron lick her pussy. I wanted to see what it looked like to have his cock go deep in her, and how her tight pussy would stretch to take him. Ron isn't long, but he's thick.

I waited like I had used the bathroom, and came back out outside. This time Ron and Donna were sitting in the seat just talking. I got into the truck and said, "Hey, how about some beers. I feel like getting a little toasted tonight!" Everyone agreed, so we stopped off and got a six-pack.

My plan was to pretend to drink too much. My wife knows it makes me sleepy and all I want to do is crash. With her thinking I was out, maybe she and Ron would do something, like sneak out to the truck, where Ron would bang my wife from behind in the parking lot of the motel.

So when we got back to the room I passed out a beer to Ron, and Donna passed hers up. I drank only one can, but they thought I had the rest of the six-pack. What I actually did was bring in some empties from the back of the truck, and when they weren't looking, switched them with the full cans. I also brought in the camcorder and the suitcases, and sat on one bed, while Donna was on the other. Ron slumped in a chair and watched the TV.

About a half-hour later I made my move. I started acting all drunk and tired and stupid, which is how I get when I've had too much beer. I pretended to pass out on the bed, still fully clothed, with the camcorder stuck inside a case that I held in the crook of my arm like a pillow. I flicked it on to start recording. To convince them I was asleep, I made loud snoring sounds, like I really do when I'm drunk. Ron and Donna laughed and I could see out my almost-closed eyelids that Donna kept looking over to me me. Finally, she motioned to Ron to come join her on the bed.

The lights were low, but I could see Ron lay beside the woman I married eight years ago, and kiss her with a deep, long, passionate kiss. Their hands roamed all over one another. They were careful not to say a word or make a sound. They knew they had to be quiet or they'd wake me up. I wondered if they'd go out to the truck, or sneak off to the bathroom, or go somewhere else where they'd have privacy. But they weren't leaving. Ron took off Donna's top and pants. He caressed her ass, and felt all around the soft crevice between her legs. She gripped his already hard cock and caressed his balls.

Beware husbands with camcorders!

Imagine the surprise on this wife's face when her husband confronted her with the proof that she sleeps around! She can't even deny the pleasure she felt when her lover deftly licked her pussy lips and gave her an orgasm.

Ron then slowly moved on top of my wife. She instinctively opened her legs to accept him. With a couple of pushes, he was in, and she was taking him bareback. Seeing this in the dim light I tried very hard to keep my breathing normal and steady. I felt like I was ready to explode and I needed more air. My own cock was aching, but I didn't dare reach down and touch it.

For maybe the next eight or ten minutes Ron moved his cock in and out of Donna's pussy. His rhythm was steady and slow, so that they'd make the least sound as possible. Donna likes to moan when she fucks, but she stiffled it so they wouldn't wake me up. Pretty soon Ron started going faster and pushing in deeper. Both had stopped looking my way and were in their old world. So in the dark light I opened my eyes wider, and I could see his ass clench tight as he unloaded his hot jizz into my wife's slippery cunt.

The two lay there for a few moments before Ron got off my wife. She already had a wash towel ready, which she used to clean up the wet spot that she made. Donna then folded it up and tucked it between her legs to keep the rest of spilling out. They then kissed as she headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Ron made some noise as he tripped over his gear that was on the floor. I took that opportunity to pretend to wake up. I had to anyway, as sooner or later one of them would see the camcorder or my hard-on. While I turned off the camcorder and stuffed it into the bag, I used the bag to hide my woody, and pretended to be dazed.

"Man you were out!" Ron said.

I asked him, "Did I miss anything?" He shook his head and said no. He was hbitting the sack. Ron peeled back the covers of the bed where he had just fucked my wife, and settled to sleep. Donna came out a couple minutes later, with a big smile on her face. She kissed me and "helped" me take my shoes and pants off. We crawled into bed and turned off the light.

I layed there beside my wife, smelling the sweet scent of her hair. She kissed my forearm, and my hands slowly reached under her night shirt. She was nude underneath, as usual. I headed to her pussy, thinking she'd turn me away. She didn't. When my fingers got there, it was warm and sticky with Ron's cum. "Oh, I'm SO ready." Donna whispered. "That's all me, thinking about you!" Which was hardly the truth, but I wasn't going to correct her.

She reached around, felt my hard-on, and giggled. With her back toward me, I came in from behind, and felt what it was like to fuck my wife immediately after another man had come inside her. I went about 20 strokes and popped my nut. She acted disappointed, but I knew she'd think it was the beer. My cum mixed in with Ron's, and when I pulled out, I could feel it as it oozed out, and onto my leg and to the sheet.

I often wondered if Donna and Ron had already started to fuck before that night. They probably did. I know they continued seeing each other for about a year, and only stopped when Ron took a job in another town. We get together every once in a while, and when we meet, he and my wife always sneak away for another secret fuck. Whenever I can, I tape it, and for months later beat off while watching them fuck and suck like teenagers.

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