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George, you have a terrific site and a beautiful wife! I'm glad I found it.

I want to tell you about me and my wife. Sandy is a slim redhead with long straight hair. She's not really built on top, but she has a round, curvy ass that is the first thing most men notice about her. We've been married 12 years, never had kids, and are still very much in love.

I first got into being a wife voyeur when I accidentally stumbled upon Sandy playing with herself one Saturday morning. She had thought I had gone out to breakfast, which I normally do on Saturdays. I usually sit and read the paper, but this time I was in a hurry because I wanted to catch up on some yard work. I went through the McDonald's drive through, and cut my normal 30 minute breakfast time to under 10 minutes.

When I came into the house it was quiet, and I figured Sandy was still asleep. I was about to go out to the garage when I went past the bedroom door. On our bed was my wife, lying on her back and looking the other way toward the window. I could see the covers will jiggling, and I realized she was masturbating under the sheets.

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Here's a randy blonde wife with an insatiable appetite for cock and cum! She starts by sucking on her boyfriend's cock to get it hard, then she settles back in the couch to take it up her moist cunt! He finishes the job by cumming on her chin and breasts.

You might think this is strange, but I had never before seen her masturbate using her fingers. Never. During our lovemaking when she is having trouble climaxing just by screwing, she always uses a Wahl vibrator directly on her clitoris. She orgasms quickly this way, and as far as I knew, that was the only way she ever masturbated. I found myself transfixed at my normally shy wife rubbing her clit so vigorously. I couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but the covers were thin enough (it was summer) that I could make out a distinct outline of her hand, and the smooth roundness of her thighs.

I was afraid she's see me, so I crept down to the floor and watched her finish herself off. From that low angle all I could see was the tent-shape mound that her hand made while working herself over. My cock was rock hard as you can imagine, but I didn't dare do anything about it. I just watched for several more minutes as Sandy finished herself off in what looked like the longest, strongest orgasm I had ever seen her have! She arched her back and gave out a long moan as her climax spread throughout her sleek body.

I've been hooked on being a wife voyeur ever since. I bought several DVDs, and subscribed to a bunch of voyeur-related Web sites. I caught Sandy masturbating only a few times since. She's pretty sneaky about it, so it was frustrating. Like a drug addiction, I soon found that I was developing a taste for stronger stuff, and got into the idea of watching my wife having sex with other men. I started going to Web sites that featured that type of content, and was surprised how popular it was!

Fast forward about three years. One night, when Sandy and I were having sex, she asked me a question that surprised the hell out of me. She was riding on top, and about mid way through our loving making she asked, "What would you think if I started dating again?" At first I couldn't comprehend what she was asking, then I realized she was talking about having sex with other men.

"What brought this on?" I asked. Being so startled I had stopped thrusting. Not wanting to let the moment slip away, Sandy started moving her hips up and down to keep up the motion. "I don't know," she said. "Something I've been thinking about. Of course if you say no I won't do it. But I'd kind of like to try."

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She then closed her eyes and started really going to town on my hard cock. She was bucking up and down so fast I thought we'd catch on fire. As she rode me, her pretty A-cut breasts jiggled with each rocking motion. For a wife in her late 30s she was still incredibly hot, and I knew she'd be able to find any guy she wanted.

So I said yes. With that, her pelvic motions became more intense, pushing me in as far as my cock would go. Both of us lit into our orgasms, and I actually saw stars when I came. For the first time I don't know how long, my dick stayed hard in her for several minutes afterward. She even asked if I came. I assured her I did!

Sandy wanted me to know this didn't mean she didn't love me, or that she wanted a divorce. She was just looking for something she felt she had missed in her life. You see, Sandy was a virgin when we married, and I was the only man she's ever been with. After we made love and basked in the afterglow of the first simultaneous orgasms we had in years. She explained she didn't think I'd mind, considering the reading material of mine she found on the home computer. Sandy had come across some links of wife watching, and figured it was an unspoken fantasy of mine. That made her brave enough to ask.

My wife wasted no time in getting started. She signed up for an Adult Friend Finder membership. Let me tell you she had no trouble finding local guys who expressed an interest in her. I had taken a really sexy picture of her for her profile, with her long red hair covering up most of her face except for one eye. It was an R-rated picture that highlighted her butt. She wanted to look classy. Every time she went on AFF chat, within a minute there was at least one guy hitting up on her. Within the first week of her signing up, we had something like 940 "winks" and messages from 220 single guys.

At first, we were disappointed at the quality of the men seeking to meet with her. We had better luck when she and I rewrote the profile. We were clear she was married, but that she had my permission to go out. The only wrinkle was that Sandy wanted to fly solo. She felt she'd hold back if I were there. Instead, she agreed that when she and her lover were in the motel room, she'd call me on her cell phone, and put the phone on the nightstand so I could listen. I was disappointed because I wanted to actually see her screw, but I said yes anyway.

Sandy found the first candidate within two weeks of her announcing she'd like to date while still married. We had set it up so that she'd meet them for drinks or dinner, and I would sit at the bar making sure she was safe. When the special night came, I positioned myself at the bar and watched my beautiful wife, wearing a pale green cotton button-down dress, sit nervously at a booth, waiting for her guy to arrive.

We didn't have long to wait. They hit it off almost imediately. We had a pre-arranged signal that meant "I like this guy," and that I should head home and let her continue on her date. Sure enough, about 30 minutes into their meal, she gave the signal: she took off her wristwatch and put it in her purse. By then my heart was racing, and besides I had overstayed my welcome at the bar. So I left for the van and waited in the parking lot until they came out, arm-in-arm, laughing and walking close together, looking like they've known each other for years. It was funny, but I felt a pang of jealousy. I had always pictured the hot and steamy sex, but not the romance. Sandy and I had already talked about it. She needed both sex and romance, or it just wouldn't work for her. I swallowed my jealousy, and watched the two get into his car, and drive away.

It was getting close to midnight and I had not yet gotten a call from Sandy. I was worried something might have happened to her. Just as I was about to dial the phone, it rang. I answered, saying "Hello?" but no one answered back. Instead, I heard the sound of bodies moving against fabric. I heard a woman giggling and some muffled speech. Soon some lip smacking sounds, and the groans of a man in pleasure, replaced after a few minutes by the creaking of a bed frame, as it strained against the motion of two adults sliding their bodies back and forth over one another.

I could believe that right then, right now, on the other end of the phone was my lovely bride of a dozen years having sex with someone other than me. At that very moment Sandy was under (or on top) of only the second sex partner she ever had. Her "cherry" had been broken a second time, and I was there to hear it happen.

I had already unzipped my pants and had taken out my dick for slow stroking. Though I had masturbated thousands of times in my life, this time it seemed far more pleasurable, like a deep, deep rub after a long, hard day on the farm. At the tip of my cock oozed several drops of clear pre-cum.

Within just a minute, the thumping sounds grew louder and faster. I know Sandy's date was working in her real good. I could tell that he, or maybe both, were headed toward major orgasms. In seconds, she let out a low moan and I knew Sandy had just come. She's not very vocal during sex, but I'd know the sounds of her hitting the top. Her date must have felt the pulsing contractions of her climax, and he let go seconds later.

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I had already come listening to the sounds of my wife and her new boyfriend exploring each other's bodies, but I was still hard, so I continued to pump my cock long after they had finished.

The audio over the phone grew quiet, and I could hear Sandy cooing. She enjoys cuddling after making love, and I could just picture the two wrapped up in each other's legs and arms, enjoying the soft touch of one other's skin. Just a minute later, I heard Sandy picking up the phone. She whispered "I love you," then blew me a kiss. With that, she hung up.

That night she came home with a very raw pussy. Her date, who's name was Rich, had entered four times. She had called only on the first. He didn't orgasm each time, but he left my wife satisfied but sore. Her tender clit was too worn out to pop again, so I wasted no time sinking my hard-on into her. It glided in with ease. Rich had enlarged Sandy's vagina with all of his activity, so it was quite loose. Just as I had already read, it was an incredible feeling, and I will never forget it! In addition to being opened both width-wise and length-wise, she was immensely wet. At first I thought it might be her date's sperm. She assured me it was all her, as he wore a condom. Frankly, she hadn't been this wet since she was in her 20s! It was quite clear to me she had the time of her life tonight.

Sandy has met with several other nice men through AFF. She's now had seven cocks, six of which she'd enjoyed in only the last 13 months. She continues to get tons of interest from her AFF profile, but wants to be very selective. Most of the guys she meets only get a kiss at the end of the night, and they're left to walk home with just a stiffy between their legs. She sees two of the guys on a very regular basis of about once a week, each time taking them to a motel. One other boyfriend she sees occasionally isn't aware she calls me during her sex -- she manages to speed dial when he's on top and isn't aware of the phone.

I recently bought a recorder that hooks into my PC so that could capture Sandy on her dates and keep it for later listening. I've attached a WAV with this letter that contains a compilation of "reaching orgasms" sound clips. They are of the final moments screwing, as Sandy's man friend lets go and floods his condom with his cream. I hope you find them as erotic as I do!

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