Unfaithful Wives Caught on Hidden Camera

Housewives who break their wedding vows.

She's supposed to be doing housework but instead she's screwing on the job

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Sometimes a husband just has to know - are those stains on the bed from him, or someone who's entertaining his wife during the day? This guy found out which one, thanks to a hidden camera in the bedroom.

Wife and her lover romp on the living room couch

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Here's a husband who comes home early, sneaks into the garage, and hears noises inside the house. He gets his camcorder, and this is what he sees through the lens. That's his wife naked...and he has no idea who the guy is!

Getting a workout from a younger cock

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Women stay in their sexual prime years longer than men. So it's no wonder than even wives in their late 20s and 30s lust after a younger cock - it stays harder longer, the cum is thicker, and there's more of it. Hubby catches his dear bride in their messy apartment as she endulges herself with young spunk.

Lovers caught screwing on the marital bed

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Note to wives who are thinking of adultery:If you're going to play around, don't do it in your own bedroom and on your own bed. Your husband may have set up a camera to catch you!

Husband gets off catching his wife fuck other men

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This real hidden video stars a beautiful but naughty wife and her lover. The husband, who owns a camcorder, hides in the hall outside the bedroom and catches her antics. What's more, she's aware her husband is jerking off and taping her, but pretends not to know!

Cheating brunette wife sucks off her lover

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Wanting more cum than her husband will give her, this shapely lass with long dark hair sucks a large load out of her lover's stiff cock, while he plays with her pussy and ass.

"Honey, I'm home!..."

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Husband comes home from work early to see his wife and a neighbor going at it in the back yard. So out comes the camcorder, and hubby tapes every last inch of hard cock that goes into his wife's tight slit.

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