Orgasmic Girls - Female Orgasms Up Close and Personal!

These incredible videos highlight the female sexual response. They're not afraid to get right in there and show the lady at her moment of intense pleasure. Most often, that pleasure is accompanied by squirts and oozes of vaginal fluid, then at the moment of climax, quite visible pelvic contractions - unmistakble proof of a real come. You can see her pussy and asshole flex with each pulse.

These girls are not just acting. They're having real orgasms. Up close and quite personal!

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Katie is a 19 year old teenager from Great Britain. She has shoulder length brown hair, natural round breasts, a killer smile and - oh yes! - a "snapper" vagina that quivers when she reaches orgasm.

Allowing you a peek into her most private past time, Katie sits back in a comfy chair, slides her pants off, then goes to work on her clitoris. Her orgasm is extremely intense, so strong she has her first squirter.

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Holly is a 34 year old married women who appears to have perfected the science of masturbating!

In her full-length videos she has eight orgasms, most of them magnitude 9.1 on the Orgasmic Scale. If the manufacturer of her wand massager made a commercial with her, they'd sell a million of the things in one day!

"Cum" see Holly play with her bald pussy, rock-hard clitoris, and sopping wet vagina.

Titled Female Masturbation Volume II - Every Woman's Orgasm Is Unique, this is a 30-minute educational video about female orgasm.

Don't let the title or the screen capture fool you: this is a very graphic "gynecologically close" depiction of a woman having multiple orgasms.

Other than occasional narration of the techniques used to achieve multiple cums, the only other sound is the woman gasping and moaning. A+ stuff!

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Here's Elle, a married gal in her 20s. Her tits may be small, but her orgasms are big!

She prefers to use her fingers to rub her button, furiously whacking herself silly until the girl cum comes out.

But she's also not afraid to use a pocket vibrator when the mood hits her. She goes on her knees, doggy style, and has a delicious climax, pulsating pussy and all.

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Zahra is a stunning MILF from Morocco. She's a beautiful brunette with piercing brown eyes, full tits with large nipples, and curves in all the right places. She's trimmed but has kept a small tuft of dark muff for those who like a little hair.

Needless to say her private parts crave attention, and she likes indulging them now and then! She uses fingers, vibes, and wands to get off - each orgasm is a symphony of female perfection.

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What's better than watching a girl have a REAL orgasm? Why, watching two girls, what else!

Here are seven - count em, 7! - scenes of pretty females masturbating themselves, and each other, until both have orgasms.

The visual image of these babes masturbating while laying next to one another is arousing - to say the least!

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Pretty blonde Michelle likes to tease her clitoris to prolong her ecstasy. She's mastered the technique of using her egg vibrator to work herself right up to a climax, only to pull it away to deny her orgasm.

Of course, doing this over and over again only makes her very open and pink vagina all that wetter! When she can't hold off any more, and Michelle's orgasm does come, it's a sheet soaking big 'un!

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